Free Clark County Public Records Search: Criminal, Arrest, Marriage, Divorce & More

Free Clark County Public Records Search
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From court documents, property details, and vital records relating to marriage, divorce, birth, and death, to criminal information such as warrants, criminal history reports, arrest and inmate records — all of this information is readily accessible once you know the agencies that host them.

No matter what you’re seeking or why, this step-by-step resource empowers citizens with all the necessary tools and links to seamlessly access public information in Clark County, Nevada — including Las Vegas, North Las Vegas, Paradise, Henderson and all other cities within the county.

How To See if Someone Was Arrested in Clark County Nevada

The Nevada Public Records Act (NPRA) grants public access to all government records unless they have been legally sealed or made confidential.1 This of course includes recent arrest details and reports that can help interested parties find out if someone is in jail.

Searchers can track down Clark County arrest records via local county and city law enforcement agencies; knowing approximately where and when a subject was arrested, as well as their full name, will be helpful in narrowing down the search.

Find Arrests via the Clark County Detention Center

Arrests made in Clark County Nevada are reported on the county level despite which law enforcement agency made the arrest and that means running a search on the county level will provide the broadest results.

However, if the arrest was made within the last 24 hours the person may still be being booked and the information has yet to be reported to the county; so checking with with major police departments within the county, the primary one being the LVPD, may be needed to find recent arrests.

Clark County arrests can be found by using the Clark County Detention Center (CCDC) inmate search, which allows searching last name, Justice Court case number, or inmate ID, and the results will disclose information such as the inmate’s name, arrest date, bail amount, charge, and sentencing details).3

A screenshot of the CCDC inmate search tool where incarcerated individuals can be looked up by searching the last name.
Source: Clark County Detention Center3

The Clark County Detention Center (CCDC) is the main jail facility in the county, is overseen by the sheriff’s office and hosts inmates charged with more serious crimes as well as those waiting for an upcoming trial or transfer.

A screenshot of the CCDC inmate search tool that can be used to search incarcerated adults by last name.
Source: Clark County Detention Center4

If the online search tool above doesn’t provide any results, searchers can visit or call the jail using the information below.

Clark County Detention Center
330 S. Casino Center Blvd.
Las Vegas, NV 89101


If information isn’t found on the county level, the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department (LVMPD) –commonly known as simply “Metro Police,” can provide additional details if the arrest was made in the City of Las Vegas (CLV), which is the most populated city in Nevada.2

How To Check if Someone Is in a Las Vegas City Jail When a County Search Yields No Results

The LVMPD is responsible for a majority of all law enforcement services throughout the county and partners with the Deputy City Marshals (who operate only within Las Vegas city limits) to conduct traffic stops and arrests, serve warrants, and enforce local and state laws.

So, if someone was arrested in Las Vegas and the county search didn’t yield results, try searching the City of Las Vegas Detention Center search tool instead.

A screenshot of the City of Las Vegas Detention Center search tool displays the subject’s arrest date, earliest release date, location, custody status, and case information.
Source: City of Las Vegas Detention Center5

This online jail roster can be searched by first name, last name, and inmate ID, and the results show the subject’s arrest date, earliest release date, location, custody status, and case information).

The City of Las Vegas Detention Center houses all individuals booked on misdemeanor charges within Las Vegas city limits, and users can use GeoView to see city limits. Note that individuals arrested downtown, on the strip, in the art district, or north or Sahara will likely be held here.

City of Las Vegas Detention Center
3300 Stewart Ave.
Las Vegas, NV 89101

Phone: 702.229.6444 ext. 3

While the jail itself should be able to provide arrestee details, the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department (LVMPD) is the main law enforcement agency for both the CLV and Clark County, so they may be contacted if or when the detention center doesn’t have information on an arrest.

Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department2
400 South Martin L King Blvd.
Las Vegas, NV 89106

Phone: 702.828.3111
Toll-free: +1(800)492-6565
Email: [email protected]

In addition to the county search feature and the CLV search tool, arrest and inmate can be accessed through other cities in Clark County that have their own police departments and jails.

Track Down Details of Recent Arrests in North Las Vegas, Henderson, Boulder City & Other Cities Within Clark County

Several other cities throughout Clark County maintain their own municipal police departments and jails, so searchers who know what area a subject was arrested in can contact the local law enforcement agency with inquiries or browse the city’s online inmate search tool, if available.

Major city police departments located within Clark County are listed below along with their contact information and corresponding detention centers (if applicable).

The North Las Vegas Community Correctional Center, operated by the North Las Vegas Police Department, hosts online arrest search feature, and in-person and phone inquiries can be directed to the jail or the local police department:

North Las Vegas Police Headquarters
2250 Las Vegas Boulevard N. – Ste. 300
North Las Vegas, Nevada 89030


North Las Vegas Community Correctional Center
2332 Las Vegas Boulevard N. – Ste. 120
North Las Vegas, Nevada 89030


A screenshot of the North Las Vegas Community Correctional Center search tool where the user can obtain information about the offenders by searching their names.
Source: North Las Vegas Community Correctional Center6

The Henderson Detention Center inmate search tool can be utilized to find an arrestee’s jail records by name if they were arrested within Henderson’s city limits. Here is the jail and police department’s information:

Henderson Police Department
223 Lead Street
Henderson, Nevada 89015

Phone:702. 267.5000

Henderson Detention Center
18 East Basic Rd.
Henderson, Nevada 89015


The Boulder City Police Department does not run a municipal jail but can be reached to obtain police reports and information on arrests that occurred within the city (although inmates will have been transferred to a facility elsewhere).

Boulder City Police Department
1005 Arizona St.
Boulder City, Nevada 89005


An inmate booking report is available through the Mesquite Police Department; this online directory of individuals incarcerated in the Mesquite Detention Center displays the booking date and time, offense details, arresting agency, and even allows searchers to find someone’s mugshot to aid in verifying the subject in question.

Mesquite Police Department
695 Mayan Cir.
Mesquite, Nevada 89027


Mesquite Detention Center
500 Hillside Dr.
Mesquite, Nevada 89027


A screenshot of the inmate booking report displays individuals incarcerated in the Mesquite Detention Center.
Source: Mesquite Police Department7

How To Retrieve Marital Records in Clark County Nevada (Search Marriage & Divorce Information)

To find out if someone is married in Clark County, interested parties can obtain a public marriage record that will disclose helpful details–as long as the ceremony occurred within the county.

Similarly, accessing Clark County divorce records provides insight into the dissolutions of marriages that were finalized within the county. These records are available to anyone.

However, the process to check if someone is married differs from the method of tracking down records of divorce because these vital records are hosted by different custodians–the Clark County Clerk and the District Clerk. A summary of the best ways to obtain each type of record can be found below.

Access Marriage Records via the Clark County Clerk of Court

Individuals seeking details on a particular marriage that took place in Clark County can request a Clark County marriage record through the office of the County Clerk of Court, as the clerk maintains all Clark County marriage records and makes them available to public requesters within a day or two of receiving the record.

Requesters can ask for either a certified abstract of marriage (rarely needed as this is typically only requested by some government agencies) or a more common and universally accepted certified marriage certificate–both of which cost $20 to obtain.

Searchers can run a free online marriage record search through the Clark County Clerk’s Office and they can search someone by name or certificate number.8 The search results display information including maiden name(s), married names, date of marriage, and certificate number. Certified copies through this method cost $20 each and must be paid by credit card.

Citizens can also make an in-person request at the Clark County Clerk’s Marriage License Bureau or any of the other county clerk locations that offer marriage record services at their kiosks or counter. Kiosks are payable by credit card, and their counter service must be paid via credit card, cash, money order, or cashier’s check.

Marriage License Bureau
201 East Clark Ave.
Las Vegas, Nevada 89101

Hours: Every Day 8 AM-Midnight

Certified copies of marriage certificates can also be requested by mail after filling out the Application for Proof of Marriage. The application or form must be sent to the clerk by mail at the following address with the appropriate payment amount seen above and can be made by money order or cashier’s check written out to the “County Clerk.”

Clark County Clerk’s Office
Attention – Copy Request
Box 551604
Las Vegas, Nevada 89155 – 1604

A screenshot of the application for proof of marriage form that can be used to obtain marriage documentation.
Source: Clark County Clerk’s Office9

View Records of Divorce in Clark County Through the District Clerk

Clark County public records include marital and case information and are conveniently accessible to the public through the Eighth Judicial District Court Portal, where searchers can enter a name or record number. Relevant case information will be shown after this free search is performed.

Individuals can also obtain divorce certificates through the office of the District Clerk, which resides in the Family Division of the Eighth Judicial District Court; requests are accepted by mail or in person, but searchers may benefit from checking out the fees first to learn about the cost associated with copies and certifications.

Family Court & Services Center
First Floor
601 N. Pecos Road
Las Vegas, NV 89101

Phone: 702.455.2590
Hours: Weekdays 9 am-4 pm

Countywide divorce records that originated in the District or Family Court and have since been filed with the Clark County Recorder can be obtained by ordering certified copies through that office as well.

Searchers can utilize the online record search system, send an official request form by mail, or order divorce documents in person from any of the locations that offer records of divorce. Recorder fees will apply to copies and certifications.

Clark County Recorder
500 South Grand Central Parkway
Second Floor
Box 551510
Las Vegas, Nevada 89155 – 1510

Phone: 702.455.4336

A screenshot of the form used to request official records such as divorce documentation.
Source: Clark County Recorder10

Both marriage and divorce records can be gathered by third-party services as well, as they can efficiently search for events that occurred and are not limited to a certain county or even state and can turn up information that is not publicly accessible. Individuals seeking marriage records could also check with churches in the area where the ceremony was held as they often kept records of local marriages in the past.

If a vital event occurred in a nearby county instead, the tutorial on looking up Nevada public information for free will give insight on the custodians and methods of acquiring all record types- including marital, birth, death, court documents, arrests, warrants, property, criminal background reports, and more- on anyone in any Nevada county.

How To Look Up Criminal History Information in Clark County NV

Clark County criminal records offer insight into an individual’s criminal past such as their arrests, criminal court proceedings, and prior charges. Interested parties can access public criminal records via local courts and law enforcement agencies.

Criminal case records in Clark County ranging from 1190 to present can be accessed through the Eighth Judicial District Court by utilizing the District Court case search and entering the applicable case number or party name. This is a free resource available for public use.

All records that are accessible electronically–as well as older criminal case records that are not available online–can also be requested through the office of the Clerk of District Court. The clerk hosts court records dating all the way back to 1909, so all case documents ranging from 1909-1990 must be viewed and acquired in person or by mailing a request to the clerk.

Individuals who request records from the district clerk should be prepared to pay the associated fees of $0.50 per page and $3 per document certification.

District Clerk of Court
Regional Justice Center

200 E. Lewis Ave.
Las Vegas, Nevada 89155

Criminal Division Phone: 702.671.0530
Email: [email protected]

A free criminal record check pertaining to criminal cases is also available through Justice Courts of limited jurisdiction throughout Clark County. For example, the Las Vegas Justice Court Township–a court of limited jurisdiction that operates out of the Regional Justice Center–hears both misdemeanor and felony cases and dictates whether these cases should be transferred to the District Court.

Criminal cases heard in this Justice Court can be viewed through the Las Vegas Township Justice Court records search by entering the relevant case number.11 These requests can be made by mail or in person as well, but copy fees will apply.

Las Vegas Justice Court
Customer Service Office
200 Lewis Ave.
First Floor
Las Vegas, Nevada 89155 – 2511

Email: [email protected]

Mail requests can be sent to the following address.

Las Vegas Justice Court
Attn – Criminal Division Customer Service
200 Lewis Ave., First Floor, PO Box 552511
Las Vegas, Nevada 89155 – 2511

Similarly, other Clark County Justice Court locations can be contacted for criminal case records heard there.

Municipal court records may be searched in person or viewed online as well, such as through the Las Vegas Municipal Court search, which can be browsed by the party’s last name and date of birth to determine if someone has a criminal record.12

A screenshot of the case summary from the Las Vegas Municipal Court search, which can be browsed by the party’s last name and date of birth to determine if someone has a criminal history.
Source: City of Las Vegas Municipal Court13

Local criminal and arrest records can also be accessed through city and county law enforcement agencies by following the instructions listed above in the section on conducting an inmate search.

Obtain Nevada Criminal Records Using State Resources

Individuals hoping to obtain a copy of their own criminal record through state resources can do so through the Nevada State Police Records, Communications & Compliance Division (RCCD), but will not be permitted to look up someone’s criminal record other than their own.

The RRCD accepts requests for individuals’ own criminal history reports for their personal records or to check for accuracy. To begin the request searches must fill out the Criminal History Request Form (DPS–006) and visit any nearby Fingerprinting Sites to have fingerprints taken on an official card and have the card signed by the technician; the applicant will need to add their own signature and demographic information as well.

Note that applicants will have to pay a nominal fingerprinting fee at the time of service.

Once that’s done, write a certified check or money order for $27 payable to the “Nevada Department of Public Safety,” staple the items above, seal them in an envelope, and send them by mail to the DPS:

The Department of Public Safety
Records, Communications & Compliance Division
333 W. Nye Ln. #100
Carson City, NV 89706

Applicants can expect to wait up to 45 days to receive a response in the form of either a “State Negative Record Response,” meaning no state criminal record was found, or a “State Positive Record Response,” which verifies that the requested record was available and is accompanied by the full criminal history report in question.

RCCD criminal records only include the state of Nevada criminal records and will not disclose details of arrests or crimes that occurred in other states.

The DPS also offers background checks that review criminal history, but these are only available to authorized employers and agencies; the process and approved entities are explained below in the section on background checks.

Criminal information on Nevada residents can be obtained through a few other state and federal agencies as well.

For one, the Nevada Department of Corrections’ NDOC inmate search can be browsed by either offender ID or name and will show information such as the subject’s name, demographics, offense, booking date, and sentencing and parole details.

A screenshot of the NDOC inmate search, which can be browsed by either offender ID or name and will show information such as the subject’s name, demographics, offense, booking date, and sentencing and parole details.
Source: Nevada Department of Corrections14

The Federal Bureau of Prisons inmate search is a tool for anyone to find subjects formerly and currently incarcerated in federal facilities; searches can be conducted by either subject name or Bureau of Prisons (BOP) number and provide details on the inmate such as their name, register number, and past or projected release date.

The National Sex Offender Public Website (NSOPW) is the federal sex offender registry run by the U.S. Department of Justice; this tool is publicly available and costs nothing, so anyone can perform a search for convicted sex offenders by entering the offender’s name or a set location.

Similar to the NSOPW, a free Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department LVMPD offender search can be performed to find local sex offenders by typing an address, name, or city.15

For more in-depth guidance on looking up statewide criminal history information, check out the Nevada criminal record search instructions.

How To Perform a Background Check in Clark County Nevada

Background checks are useful in investigating an individual’s past and can be conducted for both personal and professional purposes. However, some differences in stipulations exist depending on the intent of the check.

Personal background checks can aid in learning more about a neighbor, colleague, or new acquaintance, do not require consent from the subject, and may be performed by simply doing some sleuthing. For example, one could check public records like those outlined in this piece (arrests, criminal records, warrants, vital records, and court documents) to uncover helpful details on a subject’s past.

Third-party sites can also be helpful when searching for more than Clark County public records since they check multiple jurisdictions and record types at once. Whether someone is manually searching for information through the agencies seen in this guide or using a people finder site, it’s worth noting that personal background checks or personal public record searches do not require the subject’s consent.

Professional background checks, on the other hand, provide a look into the subject’s prior addresses, places of employment, schooling, court cases, and criminal records and are used for reasons such as running security clearance checks, housing, licensing, and employment.

These checks require that the subject gives their permission for the background check to be run before it can be completed and must abide by all state and federal background check and consumer information laws:

Equal Rights Commission Las Vegas
1820 E. Sahara Ave.
Ste. 314 Las Vegas, NV 89104

Phone: 702.486.7161
Fax: 702.486.7054

Equal Rights Commission Northern Nevada
1325 Corporate Blvd.
Rm 115 Reno, Nevada 89502

Phone: 775.823.6690
Fax: 775.688.1292

Two main forms of professional background checks can be done in Clark County, Nevada–either a Level 1 check, which is name-based or fingerprint-based via local agencies, or a Level 2 check completed by checking the subject’s fingerprints for a match against the FBI’s national database.

Run a Background Check Through the Las Vegas Metro Police Department

The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department provides local LVMPD background checks that can only be requested for oneself and only disclose records of arrests and other incidents that took place in Metro’s jurisdiction.

The only caveat is that background checks may be done on others only if a notarized original letter is obtained from the subject granting permission to the requester–the requester must be named outright as an authorized entity to obtain a copy of the report.

To have a check done on oneself or someone else (if the above criteria are met), interested individuals should visit the LVMPD Records & Fingerprint Bureau (address listed below), any of the local LVMPD station locations, submit an electronic background check request online, or submit a written request by mail.16

Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department
Records & Fingerprinting Bureau – Correspondence Section
400 South Martin Luther King Boulevard
Building C
Las Vegas, Nevada 89106

Background checks will only be conducted for the following purposes:

  • Adoption Clearance
  • Criminal Record Sealing
  • Employment Checks
  • Immigration
  • Personal Reasons

Requesters must display a valid form of ID and pay the $11 fee.

Conduct a Background Check Through State Agencies in Nevada

Similar to the LVMPD check, the Records, Communications & Compliance Division (RCCD) of the Nevada State Police does not provide public access to background checks but does allow certain authorized agencies to request these investigations on potential employees, licensees, firearms buyers, and more.

If approved, a Civil Name Check (CNC) can be obtained through the RCCD for $20 and is quite efficient as the CNC type of background check allows the fingerprinting portion to be skipped, as the CNC is done by using names or numerical identifiers instead.

Department of Public Safety –RCCD
333 W. Nye Ln.
Ste. 100
Carson City, Nevada 89706

Phone: 775.684.6262
Hours: Weekdays 8 am – 5 pm

The Department of Health and Human Services Nevada Division of Public & Behavioral Health (DPBH) requires certain agencies to conduct fingerprint background checks on each new applicant or employee within 10 days of being hired. A list of compiled agencies that must perform this type of background check via Nevada’s Automated Background Check System (NABS) is viewable on the DPBH site’s Background Check Requirement FAQ page.

Division of Public & Behavioral Health
4150 Technology Way
Carson City, Nevada 89706

Phone: 775.684.4200
Fax: 775.687.7570
Email: [email protected]
Hours: Weekdays 8 am – 5 pm

How To Look Up Arrest Warrants in Clark County

Clark County public records include warrant information on local wanted persons, which can be tracked down through local county and municipal law enforcement agencies and courts. There are several options for determining if someone has a warrant through online searches, phone calls, and in-person inquiries.

The following online resources are available to members of the public seeking warrant details:

You can also obtain information on Clark County warrants by calling or visiting the applicable court jurisdiction:

Local police departments can be contacted directly for warrant information issued within their jurisdiction.

How To Determine Who’s on Probation in Clark County

Individuals seeking information on someone on probation (a supervised release from jail into the community as an alternative to serving time in a facility) can contact the applicable jail or agency to check on a particular inmate’s upcoming probation details.

Contacting probation or parole offices operated by the Nevada State Police Parole & Probation can offer valuable insight into a probationer’s details as well, depending on what jurisdiction they fall under. These offices can also grant assistance and public information about parole (the release from prison to community supervision).

Information on juvenile probation can be accessed by reaching out to the juvenile probation centers throughout Clark County. The primary Office of Juvenile Justice Services can be reached by mail or phone through the following contact information:

Juvenile Justice Services
601 North Pecos Road
Las Vegas, NV 89101

Phone: 702.455.5200
Hours: Weekdays 9 am – 4 pm

How To Review Court Records in Clark County Nevada

The court organization in Nevada ranges from the state’s supreme court–the court of highest authority to the appellate courts, district courts, and finally the municipal courts.

Clark County court records can be viewed or obtained via any of the municipal or justice courthouses located throughout the county as long as they were the location or court that tried the case. Free public indexes are also available for online viewing and convenience. Each of the courts can be found listed below, along with the best ways to find documents and case records through each.

Clark County judicial records pertaining to cases heard by any of the justice courts can be viewed by clicking on the desired court and selecting “View Case/Citation” on the following webpage.

For example, after clicking “View Case/Citation” on the Boulder City Township Justice Court page, users will be directed to CaseView where all types of cases from bankruptcy and small claims to traffic and misdemeanor cases can be viewed.

In addition to the Justice Courts, citizens can conduct a search of Clark County cases or Eighth Judicial Circuit Court records inquiry of cases heard by the Eighth Judicial District Court dating back to 1990. This search will turn up details such as court dates, parties, hearings, case types and judicial officers.

The Las Vegas Township Justice Court has its own online record inquiry portal.

Aside from the portal, county case records may be viewed and obtained from the Regional Justice Center. Case documents from the probate, family, civil and criminal courts are all available here from 1909 to the present, as these courts all operate within the same courthouse.

Be sure to research the court’s copy fees and certifications before visiting. The Family Courts and Services Center can provide information and copies as well at the same cost (address listed below).

Lastly, Clark County court case records are obtainable through the District Clerk, either via email, mail or in person.18

Anyone can mail or visit these Clerk of Court locations to initiate a search:

Regional Justice Center
Third Floor
200 E. Lewis Ave.
Las Vegas, NV 89101

Phone: 702.455.2590
Email: [email protected]
Hours: Weekdays 9 am – 4 pm

Family Court & Services
First Floor
601 N. Pecos Road
Las Vegas, NV 89101

Court records pertaining to both the state supreme and appellate courts can be accessed through the appellate court case lookup or in person from the clerk for $0.50 per page.19

Here is the Supreme and Appellate Clerk of Court location and contact information:

Clerk of Court
201 S. Carson St.
Carson City, NV 89701
408 E. Clark Ave.
Las Vegas, NV 89101

Email: [email protected]
Carson City: 775.684.1600
Las Vegas: 702.486.9300
Fax: 775.684.1601

How To Retrieve Vital Records in Clark County: Birth & Death Documentation

Records pertaining to birth and death events in the state of Nevada are confidential except to qualified individuals such as immediate family members or legal representatives; additionally, these records are not available via any county custodians and can instead be obtained through several other custodians listed below.

Readers will also find the costs associated with each, stipulations that exist on each type of record, as well as the best means of obtaining both types of vital records.

Request Birth or Death Records From the Southern Nevada Health District

The Southern Nevada Health District (SNHD) hosts Clark County birth and death records dating back to 1973 (for births) and back to 1988 (for deaths).20 Proper identification or legal proof of relationship is required as evidence that the requester is a direct family member or has a court order granting access to the record.

Clark County birth records and death records can be requested from the SNHD online ($2), in person, and by mail ($38 first copy and $25 per additional) and are disbursed once the following steps and expenses have been fulfilled:

Order Online – Requesters must upload either an electronic request for a birth record or an online request for a death record an acceptable form of identification, and wait up to a week for the SNHD to approve them, at which time an email will be sent with instructions on how to pay the $2 convenience pay before the record will be disbursed.

Order by Mail – Complete an application for a birth record (in English or Spanish) or an application for a death certificate and send a copy of an acceptable form of identification along with a business check or money order made out to SNHD to:

Southern Nevada Health District (SNHD)
Attention – Vital Records
PO Box 3902
Las Vegas Nevada 89127

Order in Person – Fill out the birth certificate application and stop by the District to drop it off along with the appropriate payment; be sure to bring a valid form of ID.

Southern Nevada Health District (SNHD)
Office of Vital Records
280 South Decatur Boulevard
Las Vegas Nevada 89107

Phone: 702.759.1010
Email: [email protected]
Hours: Mon – Thurs 7 am – 5 pm

Request Birth or Death Records via Nevada’s Department of Public & Behavioral Health

The Office of Vital Records & Statistics is the branch of the Department of Health & Human Services Nevada Division of Public and Behavioral Health (DPBH) that hosts the state’s birth and death records from July 1, 1911, to the present day.

Since state law dictates that birth and death records are confidential, only the registrant (the person named on the certificate), direct family members, legal guardians, representatives, or others granted access by court order may obtain these records.

DPBH charges $25 for each Clark County birth and death record.

Appointments may be scheduled in advance by email ([email protected]) to visit the DPBH Office of Vital Records in Carson City; otherwise, both mail and electronic options are available.

To place an order for a Clark County birth or death record by mail, individuals must send in a copy of a current government-issued form of identification along with proper payment.

State of Nevada Department of Health & Human Services
Division of Public & Behavioral Health – Office of Vital Records
4150 Technology Way – Ste. 104
Carson City, Nevada 89706

Phone: 775.684.4177
Fax: 775.684.4156
Email: [email protected]

Alternatively, interested parties could order certificates through VitalChek–an independent vital records service endorsed by the state of Nevada–either online or by phone at 877-456-5410.

Another option for obtaining Clark County certificates of birth or death is to recruit the assistance of third-party services that can help track down the desired records, although these documents will not be official or certified.

How To Check Out Property Records via the Clark County Assessor & Recorder

Documents of land ownership and county property records are considered public records in Clark County and can be found by performing an online search or visiting the offices of either the county recorder or county assessor in person.

As one of the two primary property record custodians for the county, the Clark County Recorder offers individuals a useful record search system that allows for several methods of searching local property information.21

Clark County residents hoping to find information on a certain plot of land or simply check the value of a particular property type can use the record search system to conduct any of the following types of searches:

  • Book/Page
  • Document Type
  • Instrument Number
  • Legal Description
  • Parcel Number
  • Record Date
  • Simple Search
  • Total Value

After clicking the desired search type, users will be able to read search instructions for that specific tool and enter relevant information into the search boxes.

A screenshot of the search tool provided by Clark County Recorder that allows for several methods of searching local property information.
Source: Clark County Recorder’s Office22

Original property documents are not available online; records are simply provided as a helpful service and come in the form of a brief summary – original and certified records must be requested in person or by mail.

To request copies directly from the recorder–or to have property records certified–searchers must send a written request by mail to the address below or visit any of the recorder locations in person.

Copies of official records purchased from the recorder cost $1 per page with a $4 certification charge per document, but requesters may want to check the full list of recorder fees before visiting to see which payment options are available.

Clark County Recorder
500 South Grand Central Parkway, Floor 2 / Box 551510
Las Vegas, Nevada 89155 – 1510

Phone: 702.455.4336
Email: [email protected]
Hours: Mon – Thurs 7:30 am – 5:30 pm

Interested parties can also perform an electronic property record search through the office of the Clark County Assessor by entering any of the following search criteria:23

  • Address
  • Owner Name
  • Parcel Map Inquiry
  • Parcel Number
  • Parcel Number Tree
  • Parcel Type or Book Page
  • Subdivision Name
  • Subdivision Owner(s)
A screenshot of the search tool provided by Clark County Assessor that can be used to obtain property records.
Source: Clark County Assessor24

The Assessor also offers property documents, maps, and both building and deed searches through the county’s document image center, but these will not be certified records.

A free public records search of property maps and documents can be done in person at the office of the Assessor by swinging by the address below; there is no charge to view documents, but if copies are requested a nominal fee will be assessed.

Clark County Assessor
500 South Grand Central Parkway
Las Vegas Nevada 89155

Phone: 702.455.0000

As one final option, GeoView is an interactive online map system maintained by the Office of Geographic Information Systems in Las Vegas.25 This resource can be utilized to search and view parcels, wards, city limits, jurisdictions, and zoning with a multitude of options for adding filters, layers, and other helpful features.

A screenshot of the GeoView interactive online map system that can be utilized to search and view parcels, wards, city limits, jurisdictions, and zoning with a multitude of options for adding filters, layers, and other helpful features.
Source: GeoView City of Las Vegas, Nevada25

An Overview of Agencies Who Host & Distribute Clark County Public Records

A wide array of records are publicly available in Clark County, Nevada so below is a brief summary of the most reliable public records repository and/or electronic search tool to access each record type through.

Clark County Arrest Bookings & Jail Inmates:

Marriage Records:

Divorce Records:

Birth & Death Records:

Local Criminal History Information:

Texas State Criminal Records:

Background Checks:

Clark County Warrant Search:

Probation Information:

Court Case Records:

Property Records:

Searchers looking for any of the aforementioned documents, copies, or reports can rely on this brief resource to discover the proper avenues and custodians for obtaining Clark County public records.


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