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It’s no surprise that record seekers are interested in Clark County marital records; after all, Las Vegas was named the ‘Wedding Capital of the World” in 1953. So — whether it is a register of names and marriage dates, historical records, or an official copy of a certificate — you can find it through public resources.

Luckily for searchers, the Nevada Legislature deems marriage records from Clark County and all of Nevada as public records. By following the steps set out by the county officials, you can find the records free of charge and order certified copies for a fee.

In this resource, researchers will find the contact information for the custodians of marriage records, sources to study historical marriages, and guidance on obtaining a current certificate.

How To Find Clark County Marriage Records at No Cost

County officials are the custodians of record for all marriage information in Nevada. Thus, the Clark County Clerk’s Office is the appropriate point of contact.

Researchers can obtain Clark County marital records online, in person, and by mail. However, the county strongly recommends using their user-friendly online portal.

To find marital records online, users can access the Marriage Search by Name page.1 After typing one spouse’s name into the search, the records will appear.

A screenshot from the Clark County Clerk’s Office website displaying the marriage record search results with details such as record, party name 1 and 2, certificate number, license date and others.
Source: Clark County Clerk’s Office1

If you are researching a common surname, you may find that refining the search with a date, or even a marriage certificate number if available, helps reduce a large amount of records returned by the search.

The County Clerk also provides a second Records Search System that includes other forms of government documents in addition to the marriage license.2 This link may be more helpful for those looking for a variety of data and records.

A screenshot displaying a search tool from the Clark County Clerk’s Office website with search criteria of last name, first name, start and end date.
Source: Clark County Clerk’s Office2

The online search reveals an instantaneous record showing the spouse’s names, the date of the wedding, and the marriage certificate number for free. Those who need a copy of a marriage license will pay a fee of $6.50 or a fee of $20 for a certified copy of a certificate.

Researchers opting for in-person or mail interaction will fill out the Marriage Documents Order Form.3

The clerk has digitized records dating back to 1909, so this is a comprehensive collection. It is important to note that in-person and mail options do not provide any free information, and users will have to pay the fee of $6.50 for a copy of a marriage license and $20 for proof of marriage/certificates.

Researchers can send their document order via mail to the following address:

Clark County Clerk’s Office
Attn: Copy Request
Box 551604
Las Vegas, NV 89155-1604

You can visit the Marriage License Bureau at its main location or at satellite locations across the county, but the primary location is:

Marriage License Bureau
201 E. Clark Avenue
Las Vegas, NV 89101

Phone: (702)-671-0600

Since Clark County records stretch back to 1909, most records can be found by following these steps. Records are found in the Clerk of the Courts, rather than the County Recorder’s office. Procedures to find older archived records are covered below.

How To See Marital Records That Have Been Archived in Clark County (Genealogy Search)

Clark County records are available back to 1909 when state officials first began storing official papers. These are all digitized and available on a county-by-county search. However, many genealogical and historical researchers seek records from prior times.

These records can be difficult to find in Nevada, which was a Western frontier territory without a statewide records repository. For Las Vegas area researchers, it is important to note that Clark County was not founded until 1909, and older records for these municipalities will be found under Lincoln County or in local records.

Researchers will find some older archived records at the Nevada Historical Society, the Nevada State Library Archives, and the Clark County Historical Society.

Religious organizations also possess sporadic records from early in Nevada’s history. Record seekers can contact long-standing extant churches in the region to inquire about access to marriage information. Look for the Episcopal churches in the area, since that was the major religious denomination historically.

The Episcopal Church donated many of their records to the Nevada Historical Society in Reno.4 You can visit this historical collection in person or contact them via phone to set up an appointment to view the records; in-person visits can be made at the following location:

Nevada Historical Society
1650 North Virginia Street

Reno, NV 89503

Phone: 775-688-1190

Sometimes older searches include less formal common law marriages. Under common law, people who lived together as a couple for many years were sometimes deemed to be married without a ceremony or official license. Nevada used to recognize such common law marriages up until 1943.

However, since March 29, 1943, the state no longer recognizes common law marriages; record seekers from before 1943 may need to check other records such as census rolls to find common law married couples.

As of 2009, in addition to marriage, Nevada also allows civil domestic unions where the partners gain many of the same rights as married couples. The regulations and forms pertaining to domestic partnerships are detailed by the Nevada Secretary of State under the Domestic Partnerships regulations.5

Many same-sex spouses used the domestic partnership approach after its passing. The right to marriage was extended to same-sex couples in Nevada since a law banning such unions was overturned on October 9, 2014. These same-sex marriages can be searched in the same way as the opposite-sex marriages through the county clerk.

There are no statewide official archives for Nevada marriage records at all, and no official Clark County records before 1909.

How Do I Search for Nevada Marriage Records Beyond Clark County?

When doing research, record seekers sometimes realize that they can’t find their desired documents or details via marital records within Clark County. A likely explanation is that the marriage took place nearby, but just outside of Clark County.

This can be complicated because Clark County borders not only Lincoln County and Nye County, but also out-of-state Mohave County Arizona, and San Bernardino and Inyo counties in California.

There is no option for statewide searches since all Nevada records are held at the county level. The Nevada Department of Health & Human Services provides a list of county record custodians to browse as needed.6, 7

A screenshot displaying a request for marriage or divorce search of records requiring details such as type of search like marriage or divorce, name of spouses, date of event and other information or comments.
Source: Clark County Clerk’s Office8

For the neighboring counties, you can find their records request procedures and contact information below:

Lincoln County Clerk
181 North Main Street, Suite 201 P.O. Box 90
Pioche, NV 89043

Telephone: 775-962-8000
Fax: 775-962-5180

Nye County Clerk
101 Radar Road P.O. Box 1031
Tonopah, NV 89049

Phone: (775)-482-8127 

How To Obtain a Marriage License in Clark County Nevada

Current couples may want to create Clark County marital records of their own soon; since it is such a popular spot for weddings, the clerk publishes a handy guide called How To Get Married in Las Vegas.9 These official guides make it convenient to find information and to obtain a marriage license.

Clark County is well known for its streamlined approach.

All that is needed is a proper ID showing a legal age of 18, $102, and both spouses arriving at the Marriage Certificate Bureau. Couples can get married on the same day as applying for the license.

The first step is to apply online. Both parties fill out their respective parts of the Online Marriage Certificate Application.10

A screenshot showing a marriage license application needing information such as first, middle and last name, suffix, last name at birth, gender, current city of residence, state or country and others.
Source: Clark County Clerk’s Office10

Make sure to give the exact same legal name that appears on your ID. The online system then emails an identification number.

Couples can simply bring the number and their IDs to the Clark County Clerk and will receive their license. The Clerk charges a $102 fee. The primary location is at:

Clark County Clerk
201 E. Clark Avenue
Las Vegas, NV 89101

Phone: (702)-671-0600

Hours: Every day, 8 a.m. – midnight (open all holidays, no exceptions)

You can find other Satellite Locations all across Clark County.11

You can see why Clark County is known for fast wedding services. This streamlined resource on Clark County weddings complements the detailed record available all the way back to 1909. Whether you are thinking of getting married in Las Vegas or searching Clark County marriage records, this resource provides clear, concise information to help.


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